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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Skateboarding in School

WALT: Organise ideas into related paragraphs. 

Introduction- Have you ever wanted to do skateboarding in school?

 There are many reasons why it should be taught in schools.  Learning skateboarding in school is good for us to learn, before spending your time and money buying a skateboard.  If you don’t know how to ride a skateboard you can ask your parents to book you into a skateboard club, or you can ask your principal that we need to learn how to ride a skateboard.  Do you like it.  Are you good at it.  Should I spend my money to buy a skateboard of my own?

Getting the right equipment is really important, if you don’t wear a helmet and safety gear in school you could get hurt. The important thing is, don’t go quickly like a cheetah otherwise you will smash into a  fence.  If you can do tricks you will get injured.  The really important thing is you have to learn easy skills first, such as stopping,balancing and control.  After this skateboarding could be a lot of fun!  

Skateboarding in school is a great idea because not everyone knows how to ride a skateboard so they could learn new skills. Also you need to try new things when you keep trying you will get better at it and it’s good for your brain's health. 

Conclusion I strongly believe every child at school should try riding skateboards.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Billowing Balloons Experiment.

Billowing Balloons Experiment

W.A.L.T: Write a specific question and make a prediction for a chemical reaction

How fast will the balloon inflate when the baking soda and white vinegar mix?

I thought that the balloon would inflate fairly quickly - Rohan
I thought that the balloon would inflate quite slowly - Theodore
I thought that the balloon would blow up and pop - Ashraf

50 ml of white vinegar
½ a balloon of baking soda
1 Funnel
1 Teaspoon
1 balloon
1 L water bottle, fairly clean


Pour 50 ml of white vinegar into a 1 L bottle.
Next scoop in baking soda into the balloon until it gets half way full.
Precisely place the balloon on the 1 L bottle but don’t let any baking soda fall into the bottle.
Let the baking soda fall into the 1 L bottle and watch as the balloon inflates but does not pop.

The balloon inflated because the gas released from the chemical reaction escaped into the balloon, making it inflate slowly.  This reaction is irreversible therefore the sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide cannot transfer back to vinegar and baking soda.  The chemical compound was:
CH3COOH + NaHCO3 → NaC2H3O2 + H20 + CO2
     (Vinegar)        (Baking Soda)    (Sodium Acetate)  (Water) (Carbon Dioxide)


The baking soda and vinegar inflated the balloon quite slowly.   

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


 W.A.L.T: Choose appropriate verbs.
 Had you ever wanted to be invisible when you have been embarrassed? I do! Did you know that some chameleons can swim in water and some even can swim in oceans just by moving their bodies like snakes? Chameleons vary greatly in size and body structure, with maximum total lengths varying from 1.5cm to 68.5cm. Do you know where chameleons live I’ll tell you where they live.They live in Africa,Europe,Asia,North America, rainforests and desert. It has parrot - like feet,eyes that can look in two different directions at the sametime and long tongues and tails. Come in colours like: pink,blue,orange,red, yellow,green, turquoise. Chameleons have a special layer of cells - iridophores -under their skin.There special cells, which contain pigment and reflect light, are made up of hundreds of thousands of guanine crystals. Chameleons can relax or excite their skin, causing these special cells to move and change structure.When this happens, these cells act like prisms, reflecting different wavelengths of light to create the variety of tones we see. Chameleons are fast - can run up to 33 km per hour,and can avoid predators easily. There are 169 different species of chameleons. Camouflage is only a minor reason why most chameleons change colour.

My favorite activates


  First we went to the Stakem and our instructor's name was Ash, she was telling us all about Stakem and safety candles. Then we all had a turn at the play bang game and Ash was really good at this game. 

 The next day we all went Mountain biking and we went to the haunted house now let me tell you the story... There was a Father, Mother and two sons named Billy and George Junior but they call him George. First the Father and son George died in the farm then the mother locked her son Billy into his room for 22 years. One night Billy had a bath and some food when he was going to try to escape out of his room, when the Mother saw the lady who was giving him food so the mother put wax in the bath immediately after that the lady turned into a mannequin then Billy looked at the lady who was still alive she winked at him and the important thing don’t look at the lady otherwise she will kill you. We all discussed about the bikes and how to use them ourselves and we all had a helmet and vest to wear. Then we choice our bike’s, I got the small bike with two wheeler's we went across the street and rode our bikes in the empty car park. 

 Today it's our last activity it was archery and we all had to get our raincoats. Then our instructors came and his name was Sol . he told us all about how to use the bow arrow and how to put the arrow in the bow n arrow . I helped sol carry the equipment , I got the box that had paper to record points on and some others got a box of bow n arrow. We walked across the street and we arrived to the archery , I saw a target, a tent , a rope danger and a arrow case . Then we all discussed about the arrows and we got a buddy it was three buddies I got Nikhil and Catlion after that we all got our bow arrows and arrows to shoot the target but Sol got one more thing to discussed about the Pukekos sol said do not shoot the Pukekos. If you shoot the targets you get a points. We all got to have a turn to shoot and have fun!!!!

 It was our last day for camp we went the sea shore and we got a map I choice a buddy it was Sahil and Nikhil. We went and saw some different shells and animals, we had never seen before, I saw a brick house and a sign it could belong to someone who lives so close to the beach .I saw a cool rock and it felt so smooth, and I saw enemies jellyfish . Finally we headed back to the Merc Sir Peter Blake and we ate pizza for lunch and headed back to the bus and go back to school. 

 The End

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Muriwai beach

               Muriwai Beach

On Wednesday all the year 6 students
jumped on the Ritchies bus and we drove to
Muriwai beach.  We were going to learn
about water safety.

First the lifeguards talked about themselves  
and we learned about interesting water safety
rules. We ate our morning tea. Next we acted
out some water safety skits, I was the swimmer
who needed help. It was fun!  After that we
presented our skits to each other. Then we
sat down on the floor and the lifeguard asked
“Who is the smallest?” Everyone yelled “Sahil”
but some people hollered
Next the lifeguard was checking who was the
smallest and Jayshan wasn’t the smallest.
Sahil was the smallest and he had to wear a
silly costume that made everyone laugh.

For lunch I had pizza and a cookie and it
was really yummy.  I changed into my
swimming togs and we headed to the beach
and had some fun.  We did some activities
in the water. The water was kind of cold but
it didn’t matter because we were having too
much fun to care.  Some children got pushed
over by the strong and humongous waves.
Some children just stood in the sand because
they were scared of the waves.
 The waves pushed my face, I slipped and
bumped into someone, I liked it.

Another lifeguard taught us about water safety.
 I was with Sahil and he was the lifeguard who
saved me when I was pretend drowning.  
It was a lot of fun!

A third life guard told us to run in the waves,
to make us fall over.  Everyone slipped over
when the waves pushed them. I slept it made
smell the yucky salty water.Then we go back
to the Muriwai  house we have to go to shower
because leg and arm were sand then. We all
change our uniform then we wait then we
went to Riche bus and head back to the Halsey
Drive School. I really enjoyed the day!

                    The End