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Sunday, 21 May 2017

WALT: Television is a Great Invention

Television Is A Great Invention We think TV is a great invention. TV is good for your health and is very educational. It is also very entertaining! Our first reason why TV is a good invention is that it is good for your health. Watching TV is better than looking at the screen of a laptop or computer because it has a bigger screen and doesn’t harm your eyes as much. Watching TV from a far distance doesn’t give you headaches. If you watch TV from a close distance can cause eye-strain. Eye-strain can harm your eyes because it dries the moisture. Without moisture, your eyes will hurt. If you watch TV for a short time, (e.g) 1 or 2 hours you can also play outside after you have finished watching TV. Ashraf TV can also be educational. For example, National Geographic shows you about animals, countries and science. Did you know that some channels can teach adults? There are lots of other channels which teach life lessons and lots of facts. Children’s programmes tell you about numbers and words. Another example is Peppa pig which teaches you how to find solutions to problems. Krishh TV is entertaining because many shows are very humorous and interesting. They have interesting characters, settings and storylines. For example, The Big Bang Theory is the most popular comedy in America. Channels can have VERY funny characters that VERY weird actions for example Paw Patrol. So the real truth is TV is very entertaining. Akshay Overall we think TV is a brilliant invention. It has a big screen and is educational for everyone! TV is also very entertaining. So, there you have it, TV is great! Watch TV today! Class Comment - Well done boys! We like the way that you have clearly paragraphed your ideas. We like how you have stated your opinion in the introduction and in the conclusion. Next step: Add detail and research to some of your paragraphs and give examples of shows to back up your reasons. We changed the information a little bit.

Children are better than adults

WALT: write  persuasively

Being a Child is way better than being an Adult because you don’t have many responsibilities, you can play when you want to and lots of things are cheaper for kids.

Children don’t have as many responsibilities as adults.  They  do not have to pay the bills,cook the dinner,do the washing.  Children do not have to go to work.  While the adult are doing all the boring thing the kids do fun  things Eg: basketball, soccer and also they can play with there friends.

Children can play whenever they want.  Lots of children have brothers and sisters so they have people to play with all of the time. Eg: board games, sports games, imaginary games,device games,  

There are lots of things in the world that are cheaper to buy for children than they are for adults like a movie ticket, clothing and shoes, going to the doctors or dentist, going on an aeroplane, going to Rainbows end.

In conclusion we believe children are better than adults.  Children do not have as many as responsibilities as adults, children can play whenever they want and things are cheaper for kids than adults.  So why would you want to grow up?


Monday, 24 April 2017

I am learning to describe where I come from

Write your description below:
I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be
describing when and why  my family immigrated to NZ,
our celebrations, beliefs and special taonga.

My Mum, Dad, Grandpa and Grandmum came from
Afghanistan because Afghanistan was at war in 2008.  
On December 25th, we have a celebration Eve for Muslim and
we wear Afghan clothes.  We sing a song and give sweets as
gifts to other Afghan people.  After that we read a book, it’s
not an English book, it’s an Afghan book called The Quran.

My Mum speaks Afghanistan and Indian and my dad speaks
Afghanistan.  There are many things my family celebrates
such as: Eid Ramadan(fasting) and Naw rose (New Year).  
My mum is important to me because she is a teacher and
helps me to write Afghanistan words.  She also teaches me
about the Quran book.  It is important that I learn these
things because it is my culture and it makes me unique and special.

By Ashraf

Student reflection:  I think I am extended abstract because
I included several ideas about myself and explained these
in detail.  I also evaluated why my mum is important to me.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Black Colour Poem-Kyza and Ashraf

Black is a crayon - Ashraf
 Black is Batman - Kyza
 Black is the colour of DOOM - Kyza
 Black is the mini gun -Ashraf
 Black is an USP Pistol - Kyza
 Black is the Chromebook keys- Ashraf
 Black is a Vivid - Kyzaa Black 
is Jurassic Park - Kyza 
Black is the house - Ashraf 
Black is a Pencil case - Ashraf 
Black is ROBLOX - Kyza
 Black is Minecraft - Ashraf 
 Black is the Colour of the Samurai Sword and Samurai - Kyza 
Black is a Train - Kyza 
Black is noobs (roblox noobs) - Kyza
 Black is jurassic world - Kyza
 Black is a Sniper Rifle - Kyza 
Black is a glock 16 - Kyza
 Black is pokemon - Kyza 
Black is Batman’s Batarang -Kyza
 Black is Black writing - Kyza
 Black is the All blacks - Ashraf 
Black is umbrella -Ashraf
 Black is kylo ren - Ashraf 
Black is the diary of wimpy kid book -Ashraf
 Black is the ruby ball - Ashraf
 Black is nike shoes - Ashraf 
Black is Computer keyboard - Kyza
 Black is A Monitor - Kyza
 Black is a Computer - Kyza
 Black is Darth Vader - Kyza 
BLack is the star Destroyer - Kyza 
BLack is STAR WARS - Kyza
 Black is Black - Kyza
 Black is a xbox 360 - Ashraf
 Black is Tattletail - Kyza
 Black is paint - Kyza
 Black is PS4 - Kyza 
Black is Ps3 - Kyza
 BLack is ps2 - Kyza
 Black is ps1 - Kyza
 Black is Train station - Kyza
 Pt 2 Black is Jacksepticeye - Kyza
 Black is Dantdm - Kyza
 Black is PopularMMOs - Kyza
 Black is the GTR car - Kyza
 Black is logdotzip - Kyza
 Black is Dr Trayaurus. - Kyza
 Black is jurassic park 1 2 3 world - Kyza
 Black Surrounds Us People - Kyza