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Sunday, 21 May 2017

WALT: Television is a Great Invention

Television Is A Great Invention We think TV is a great invention. TV is good for your health and is very educational. It is also very entertaining! Our first reason why TV is a good invention is that it is good for your health. Watching TV is better than looking at the screen of a laptop or computer because it has a bigger screen and doesn’t harm your eyes as much. Watching TV from a far distance doesn’t give you headaches. If you watch TV from a close distance can cause eye-strain. Eye-strain can harm your eyes because it dries the moisture. Without moisture, your eyes will hurt. If you watch TV for a short time, (e.g) 1 or 2 hours you can also play outside after you have finished watching TV. Ashraf TV can also be educational. For example, National Geographic shows you about animals, countries and science. Did you know that some channels can teach adults? There are lots of other channels which teach life lessons and lots of facts. Children’s programmes tell you about numbers and words. Another example is Peppa pig which teaches you how to find solutions to problems. Krishh TV is entertaining because many shows are very humorous and interesting. They have interesting characters, settings and storylines. For example, The Big Bang Theory is the most popular comedy in America. Channels can have VERY funny characters that VERY weird actions for example Paw Patrol. So the real truth is TV is very entertaining. Akshay Overall we think TV is a brilliant invention. It has a big screen and is educational for everyone! TV is also very entertaining. So, there you have it, TV is great! Watch TV today! Class Comment - Well done boys! We like the way that you have clearly paragraphed your ideas. We like how you have stated your opinion in the introduction and in the conclusion. Next step: Add detail and research to some of your paragraphs and give examples of shows to back up your reasons. We changed the information a little bit.

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